Board Policies



Sargent Board Policy Manual

1000's ~ Community Relations

   1. School Communications

   2. Community Use of School Facilities 

   3. Anti-Discrimination Policies 

   4. Fund Raising and Gifts 

   5. School and Community 

2000's ~ Administration

   1. Administrative Program

   2. Superintendent 

   3. Principals 

   4. Evaluation of Principals and Other Certificated Administrative Personnel 

   5. Administrative Programs 

3000's ~ Business Operations

4000's ~ Personnel

   A. General Personnel Policies and Policies Applicable to All Personel

   B. Certificated Employees 

   C. Non-Classified Employees 

5000's ~ Students

   A. Admission and Attendance

   B. Student Discipline

   C. Academic Reporting and Progress

   D. Student Activities

  E. Equal Educational Opportunities/Welfare

   F. Transportation

  G. Emergency Protocol

6000's ~ Instruction

7000's ~ New Construction

8000's ~ Internal Board Policies 

   A. Organization

   B. Board Members

  C. Methods of Operation

9000's ~ Bylaws of the Board 

   A. Board Authority

   B. Board Members

 C. Bylaws, Policies, and Regulations

  D. Meetings


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