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Free Breakfast and Lunches for All Sargent Students 

September 11, 2020 

The USDA has extended its Summer Meal Program through May 19, 2021.  This means that all Sargent students will be able to eat breakfast and lunch each day for free through the end of 2020-21 school year.  

This will positively affect our reduced-price and full-pay students. 

When will this take effect? We will be retroactively applying for this program, which means that beginning on September 1st,2020, any meals charged on your students account will be credited back to their accounts.  This does not include seconds, alacarte or extra milks. 
What happens to my student’s meal account balance? We will keep all funds in student’s accounts.  Any funds in your student’s account can be used for ala carte, seconds, or extra milks.  The program only covers one breakfast and one lunch per student each day.  Extra funds can also be used once this program ends at the end of the first semester. 
If my student has paid for lunches or breakfasts early in September, when will their account credited? We are currently working to make sure all of our numbers are accurate.  We will be crediting back accounts in the coming weeks. 
Is this program for everyone? This will be just for currently enrolled Sargent students.   
Sincerely, Sargent Public School Lunch Program 

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