Title I

Schoolwide TITLE I Program K-6

General Description:
Any student, for whom assessments indicate a need for intervention in the areas of reading and math, will receive instruction and assistance that will help them to attain a measure of success in the classroom. This will be accomplished through specific skill-related interventions decided on by the classroom teacher and the Title I coordinator.

Mode of Presentation:
Title I students will be served either within the regular classroom or through the pull-out method. The latter will be utilized to work with students on an individual basis or in a small group setting. For example, students may leave the room to learn a skill, to read orally, or to practice math facts.

Grading Procedure:
Grades are not given in Title I. The Title I teacher confers with the classroom teacher concerning students grades’ in an effort to determine the needs of the students and methods of assistance. Communication between parents and the Title I teacher is maintained through phone calls, newsletters, parent conferences, annual parent meetings and progress reports.

Student Skills, Knowledge to Acquire:
The goal of the Title I program is to help students experience success in the areas of reading and math by helping them to:

  • Learn word attack skills.
  • Build skills which aid reading comprehension such as main idea, details, contextual meaning, and vocabulary.
  • Read for information and for enjoyment.
  • Know and use math facts accurately.
  • Do computations with numbers.
  • Systematically solve word problems.
  • Build skills as determined by student need.

Program Intended For:
Title I services are intended for any student who is determined to be at-risk, academically, in the classroom. The amount of participation and the services provided are determined by the needs of the student and by the time available.

Assess Notification

Learning Compact

Parent Involvement Policy

Letter from Commissioner Blomstedt

SPS Letter to Parents (Year 2)

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